Myrtle Beach Real Estate, North Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach (pop. 22,759) is the largest, most developed and best-known of the Grand Strand’s communities, with more concentrated restaurants, hotels, attractions, retail stores and entertainment options than anywhere else in the Grand Strand. You’ll find reasonably priced, family friendly neighborhoods, golf course communities and condos in Myrtle Beach, all close to the ocean. City leaders are looking at options to encourage bikeways, green space, and denser urban housing. Myrtle Beach’s population is primarily composed of young professionals and families: median age is 37 median family income is $43,900. See Myrtle Beach Neighborhood Listings here.

North Myrtle Beach,SC 

Made up of four individual communities – Ocean Drive, Cherry Grove, Windy Hill and Crescent Beach – the city of North Myrtle Beach (pop. 10,974) occupies a 9.3-square-mile land area with nine miles of beautiful beaches. North Myrtle Beach is a relaxed, peaceful, family-oriented community, with a lot of vacation property owners as well. More than half the population of North Myrtle Beach is 45 or older. Median family income is $46,052.See North Myrtle Beach Neighborhood Listings here.

Little River, SC 

The quiet fishing village of Little River (pop. 7,027), one of the area’s earliest coastal settlements, is a few miles north of Myrtle Beach, along the Intracoastal Waterway at the South Carolina/North Carolina border. The area was once a popular hideout for pirates and Civil War blockade-runners. Known for its fresh seafood, fishing charters, annual Blue Crab Festival and historic live oak trees, Little River moves at a relaxed pace. About 55% of Little River’s residents are older than 45, with the median age at 49. Children under age 18 make up 18.6% of the households, whereas 32.3% of Little River’s households are individuals or non-families. See Little River Real Estate Listings here.

Loris, SC

Loris (pop. 2,079), 35 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach and incorporated in 1902, is known for its friendly, small town atmosphere. Folks crowd into Loris each year for the Loris Bog-Off, a chicken bog cooking festival celebrating a local specialty made with chicken, rice, sausage, and assorted seasonings. The median age of Loris residents is 40. Loris’ diverse population includes 66% family households and about 33% of households of individuals or couples with no children. See Loris Home Real Estate Listings here. 

Conway, SC

Created in 1734 as the town of Kingston, Conway (pop. 11,788) is a community of tree-lined streets, historic homes and churches, and a revitalized business district as ell as being the Horry County seat. Huge, moss-draped live oaks stand along avenues, in the middle of the street or just out from the curbs, as vehicular traffic yields the right-of-way. A beautiful riverwalk is enjoyed by all Conway residents. Recreational boats often run up and down the Waccamaw River. Conway’s population is young – median age is 33 – and diverse. Households with children under age 18 make up 32.8% of the population. Median family income is $39,189. See Conway Home Real Estate Listings here.

Surfside Beach, SC

Billing itself as “the family beach,” Surfside Beach (pop. 4,425) in Horry County is an active residential community south of Myrtle Beach. You’ll find beach houses, condominiums, hotels, and a popular fishing pier. The town also has a large water park, numerous restaurants and other businesses. Surfside Beach has a slightly older population, with a median age of 44. Median family income is $49,847.  See Surfside Home Real Estate Listings here.

Garden City, SC

Unincorporated Garden City Beach (pop. 9,357) is in both Horry and Georgetown counties, ending on a peninsula at the mouth of Murrells Inlet. Beach houses and condominiums are the primary housing. Access to the ocean and inlet makes it a hot spot for fishing, crabbing, and water sports. Community assets include a fishing pier, marina, amusements, restaurants, and other businesses. Nearly 62% of Garden City’s residents are older than 45 years, and the median age is 54. Only 12.8% of Garden City’s households include children under age 18.  See Garden City Home Real Estate Listings here.

Murrells Inlet, SC

The fishing village of Murrells Inlet (pop. 5,519), billed as the “Seafood Capital of South Carolina,” prides itself on the natural beauty of the marshes that surround it and works hard to preserve that beauty. A Marshwalk and creekside park encourage residents and visitors to stop and enjoy the view. Residents are older-median age is 47-and only 17.6% of the households have children 18 or younger. Median family income is $47,194.  See Murrells Inlet Home Real Estate Listings here.

Litchfield Beach, SC

Litchfield [see map] (pop. 3,800), once known as Magnolia Beach, draws both retirees and families to its quiet, relaxed, neighborhood atmosphere. Features of this unincorporated community include lower-density housing, impeccable landscaping, country clubs, and planning that includes generous amounts of undeveloped natural areas to enjoy in this part of Georgetown County.   See Litchfield Beach Home Real Estate Listings here.

Pawleys Island, SC

“Elegantly shabby” typifies Pawleys Island (pop. 138), one of the earliest resort towns in the state. Pawleys Island today is a mecca for the young professionals who built significant nest eggs early in life and are ready to enjoy a long, active, social retirement. The median age of Pawleys Island’s residents is 55 years, while median family income is $97,125. Less than 10% of Pawleys Island’s households include children 18 years old or younger.   See Pawleys Island Home Real Estate Listings here.