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Selling During the Holidays

Selling your home during the holidays requires a balance between family
celebrations and public access. While your home may look its best, it can
be challenging to accommodate the last-minute showings. Communication
with your agent is critical and with proper planning, you can minimize the
disturbances while still allowing potential buyers to view your property.

· Showing Windows – Working around your holiday schedules, as
well as your agent’s, state clearing in your real estate listing the show times
you will allow. An example might be a 4-hour window on weekends or a
2-hour time frame weekday evenings.

· Advance Notice – State clearly that all buyers must reach you prior
to showing up. Of course, some will still stop by, but you can minimize the
impact by asking for advance notice.

· Online Tools – The more pictures and videos the better. If your
potential buyers can view your home online, you are more likely to get the
right buyers setting appointments. You may get fewer showings, but they
will be the right ones.

· Clean-up Stations – You want your home to look festive, but this can
lead to clutter. Keep clean-up bins in strategic locations so you can easily
hide unnecessary items on short notice.

Again, communication is more important than ever during the holiday
season. You are in control. Set realistic privacy boundaries and hold to
them. This allows you to showcase your home in its best light, without the
disruption to your family traditions.